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This weekend, the Holy Spirit Trappist Monastery in Conyers, Georgia celebrates 60 years Holy Spirit was organized in March 1944 as an offshoot of Gethsemani, another Cistercian monastery in Kentucky. Most of the 20 founding monks had never been in […]

An editorial in the SF Examiner wonders why the Bush administration is opposed to 10 million in federal funds going to help prop up and restore California missions The administration is opposed to using federal funds to restore 19 of […]

New one’s up Caveziel chats with reporters: Caviezel said that he sees Christ’s message as a balance between grace and truth, while in American Catholicism the accent is often on grace alone. “If you have just grace, which we have […]

From Michael Everything is always a matter of perspective…what does the church exist for? To further agendas or to be the body of Christ on earth? Unfortunately the gate keepers tend to be more concerned with agenda whether liberal or […]

A bit of elaboration on my point below, buried deep in the midst of scores of comments… First, let me point out that I was born in 1960, so that means my direct experience of pre-Vatican II Catholicism is…..nil. I […]

Our Joseph with a sculpted representation of Jesus and St.Joseph at the Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine in Orlando. St. Joseph links here.

Interviewed in The Tablet He is not among those who, as John Paul II becomes the second-longest reigning Pope in history, is calling on him to retire. “To have someone so vulnerable at the head of the Church – I […]

Booksigning at our Cathedral Bookstore on April 3 from 9:30-11:30 and then from 1-3. Local reporter coming sometime that week to do a feature, so maybe someone will actually show up. A reporter from a CT paper is interviewing me […]

At Catholic University This being an upstanding religious institution, there were no women in hot pants carrying the round cards. Playing to his audience, and a question about appealing to Catholic voters, Gillespie quickly moved for what McAuliffe called the […]

Yesterday, the Pope complimented the work of the Neocatechumenal Way, and someone way down deep in a comment below described this movement as “cultlike.” Tell us more. What is this movement about? Is it really “cultlike?”