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January 1, 1970 Archives

I spent yesterday afternoon at a local Catholic school, speaking to various groups of 4th and 5th graders about the glamorous life of a writer. (The invitation came from Kay Lynn Isca, the librarian at this school, who is also […]

David Brooks says Mitch Albom is more to be feared than Mel Gibson I worry about Albom more, because while religious dogmatism is always a danger, it is less of a problem for us today than the soft-core spirituality that […]

A consideration of Chagall’s use of the image of the crucified Jesus. Excellent. Last August in Los Angeles, I saw an early, rough edit of Mel Gibson’s controversial new film, The Passion of the Christ. Reviled as anti-Semitic by some […]

A reader wondering if the Lutheran minister quoted in this piece is resorting to scare tactics to discourage people from viewing TPOTC: Lund especially criticized the movie’s final resurrection scene, which he said was accompanied by a cadence resembling a […]

From the WSJ: Claudia Rosett viewed The Passion of the Christ in Poland and went to Auschwitz What I had not anticipated was that “The Passion,” in its frenzy to convey suffering, would inspire an urge not to weep, but […]