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About the investigation The interview was supposed to occur in Minkler’s 11th-floor office at the Stratton Veterans Affairs Hospital in Albany, but private investigators representing Mary Jo White walked away from the table after realizing the elderly person wanted attorney […]

Rowan Williams commends the works of Philip Pullman The Archbishop of Canterbury has commended the novels of Philip Pullman to a gathering invited to Downing Street by the Prime Minister. Dr Rowan Williams reportedly said that, while it would not […]

Here’s why The Compton Superior Court jury voted 9-3 Monday to award damages of $952,819 to Maria Vega, 57, for emotional distress, defamation and battery, said her attorney, Victor George. Vega said she was teaching catechism at St. Emydius Church […]

The day I’m gone is the day The Spectator splashes an article of mine all over their front page. I don’t have a URL yet, but go here after midnight or so and you’ll find it. We’ll talk about it […]

I’ll be gone in Indianapolis all day, and in order to save myself the trouble of culling through comments when I come back, I’m just shutting them down til tonight. So don’t write to me wondering why you’ve been banned. […]

From the Revealer It’s sobering that the Passion–which has after all furnished the themes and iconography for many of the greatest achievements in Western art–should be reduced to this sort of clinical and near-fascistic sanctimony. More sobering still is the […]

At NRO: Jeffrey Stout, a scholar of religion and film, faulted the The Passion for being “not an especially self-conscious important work of art.” He contrasted Gibson’s masterpiece unfavorably with The Passion of Joan of Arc, the 1928 silent film […]

In India and Egypt via CT’s Weblog, which has many, many other stories as well.

“The Da Vinci Code is well spun hokum, a fast paced story filled with historical and religious nonsense. Unfortunately it seems that many readers were deeply disturbed by the hokum. Perhaps they did not have a solid enough grasp on […]

From today’s WSJ. Not available free online. But…oh. For the first time in 10 years, Mary Wilkinson went to church one Sunday in January. She sat in a back pew at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Stamford, Conn., flipping through […]