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The Mental Sufferings of Our Lord During His Passion by John Henry Newman There, then, in that most awful hour, knelt the Saviour of the world, putting off the defences of His divinity, dismissing His reluctant Angels, who in myriads […]

If you’d like more information on De-Coding Da Vinci: The Facts Behind the Fiction of The Da Vinci Code you can find it right here.

We recently took a weekend jaunt down to Cincinnati (or “Cinciana” as my son calls it) to view the touring exhibit , “St. Peter and the Vatican: The Legacy of the Popes.” It was interesting, but not in ways that […]

I know I keep saying that, but they just keep getting weirder, don’t they? If you are a reader who lives in New South Wales, please drop me a line. And no, I don’t mean if you’ve been there. If […]

Barbara Nicolosi collects her thoughts The passion of the Christ is not a great film INSPITE of its violence. It is a great film THROUGH its violence. The violence is the principle symbolic device of the piece. Personally, I thought […]

Will church finances be next? Reforms must go beyond matters of legal settlements to include a wholesale change in the way funds are accounted for in the church. A failure to reform the church’s financial policies would present an enormous […]

On TPOTC from Fr. Rob If you’re a blogger and you’ve posted thoughts on the film that we’ve not yet noted, please post a link in these comments boxes!