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In answer to a query, no I have not yet seen it, and there are no deep reasons. We have a two-year old. We have to tag-team things like that. Michael saw it on Wednesday at the theater in the small town where OSV is located, but all showings here in The Fort were sold out both Wednesday and Thursday. We’re going on a jaunt this weekend, so it looks like Monday or Tuesday will be the earliest I’ll be able to see it. I also wanted to get opinions from Michael and my older sons as to whether I should take Katie along.

Oh, and the jaunt? We’re going to “Cinciana” (as Joseph calls it) to see the St. Peter and the Vatican exhibit that’s parked down there for a couple more months. I guess the reason it has to be this weekend is because there’s no race this weekend. I guess.

And just a warning – I will be shutting down the comments over the weekend, to be back up Sunday night. There are heated topics under consideration, and I’ve found I really don’t want to leave those kinds of conversations unattended!

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