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Via Get Religion the lowdown on the screenwriter for the film, a man named Benedict Fitzgerald, who not only wrote the screenplay for the film version of Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood, but who is the son of Robert and Sally […]

Kevin Miller is wondering why certain things evoke warnings from the Diocese of Cleveland and other things…don’t.

That’s my husband. He has pulled together the gospel accounts and Anne Catherine Emmerich’s account of the Agony in the Garden, for starters, and put them in context in relation to the film.

The NYTimes ponders Hollywood is a close-knit world, and friendships and social contact are critical in the making of deals and the casting of movies. Many of Hollywood’s most prominent figures are also Jewish. So with a furor arising around […]

Maureen Dowd I went with a Jewish pal, who tried to stay sanguine. “The Jews may have killed Jesus,” he said. “But they also gave us `Easter Parade.’ ” The movie’s message, as Jesus says, is that you must love […]

What didn’t you like about the film? Michael thought that the Agony in the Garden was poorly done, and said last night that the Herod scene was “silly.” (His word!) Et vous?

What did you particularly like about this film? Artistically, theologically…anything.

At First Things, from Russell Hittinger and Elizabeth Lev Ultimately, The Passion of the Christ is about witnessing and bearing witness. On one level, the film is calculated to make us want to turn away and go home. At the […]

At the New Republic Beneath all the God-talk by Gibson is a commercial enterprise. Gibson’s film career has been anchored in glorification of violence (the Mad Max movies) and in preposterous overstatement of the actual occurrence of violence (the Lethal […]

He saw it yesterday, and has many thoughts