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No, I didn’t see it yet. Looks like next week will be it for me – the news said that tomorrow’s shows are sold out, too here in the Fort. But Michael saw it yesterday, and as we were talking […]

James Bowman of the American Spectator and numerous other places, reviews the film. Starts it off, on his main page: Mel, we may love you for the enemies you’ve made, but your movie is still a mess And then: I […]

via John Derbyshire at The Corner A well-known (I guess) Anglican intellectual will leap the Tiber, but not before some parting shots “My new book is not actually a criticism of the Church of England,” says Canon Edward Norman, chancellor […]

Leon Podles comments on the Passion The negative reviewers don’t to seem to realize that they are in the film too: the shadowy figure that tempts Christ, saying that no human being can bear all the sins of the world, […]

Catholic Exchange has a piece on the HMSUniversity, the first offerings of which include a workshop on parables led by me

From the USCCB film office, via CNS. Fair and balanced, I thought. Like other films on Christ’s life, “The Passion” does not simply translate a single Gospel narrative onto the screen. Rather it is a composite of the Passion narratives […]

This thread is for those who have seen The Passion of the Christ to post their reviews/reactions.

at NRO But The Passion does not wallow in violence. Instead, it hearkens back to another tradition of engaging the Gospels, one that attempts to provide a sense of what it was like to be with Christ on the way […]

From the Dallas Morning News I don’t know how non-Christians will see this film. As nothing more, perhaps, than the tale of a deluded sap who got caught up in ecclesial and colonial politics. But for those of us who […]

Welcome deare feast of Lent: who loves not thee, He loves not Temperance, or Authoritie, But is compos’d of passion. The Scriptures bid us fast; the Church sayes, now: Give to thy Mother, what thou wouldst allow To ev’ry Corporation. […]