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Michael is doing daily meditations for Lent here

Me and Kenneth Woodward. But you probably already knew that. Were we a nation of Bible readers, not just Bible owners, I don’t think a film like Mr. Gibson’s would cause much fuss. While I do not think that “The […]

Various, at The Corner (scroll down and around Get Religion looks at Jewish responses and announces its quest for the best and worst reactions. Religious leaders in Chicago, via the NYTimes The Very Rev. Demetri C. Kantzavelos, chancellor of the […]

John Carroll University is here to get the good word out! Exactly what that word might be, we’re not sure, though.

I probably won’t be seeing The Passion of the Christ until Thursday, if then. Maybe not until next week. Michael is going to try to see it tomorrow, so he’ll have thoughts before I do. That doesn’t stop me from […]

Here’s a good resource for Lenten traditions and practices.

…to the various Passion posts. Tucked in there you will find several reviews/impressions of the film.

…at his blog And it is Faithful to the most profound mysteries of our Faith. I was struck by how Eucharistic the movie is. Not just in the flashback scenes of the Last Supper, but as a whole. I don’t […]

Here’s their special section, updated daily with new articles.

Typepad did a Blogger this morning, apparently. I got to expect it with Blogger because you get what you pay for, and Blogger was free, but Typepad….isn’t. I guess we’re back on track now. Comment away! By the way, I […]