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Cardinal Ratzinger suggests it as a sign of solidarity. Q: Is not the proposal of a Eucharist fast [not to go to Communion], to which you seem to allude, contrary to the exhortations of many Pontiffs, beginning with Pius X? […]

that I hate Science Fair Season? As he often does, Dave Barry speaks for all of us.

Via Sursum Corda, a TNR article on The main players in the world of Passion Punditry

Just go to Rotten Tomatoes, which posts links to just about all of them. And Rod? Rod? Didn’t you see it today? Hello?

It will be available after April 1, but you can pre-order through OSV now. It is not yet available through any online booksellers. I’ll let you know when it is. I don’t know anything about bulk discounts – you’ll have […]

Good piece at NRO revisiting the bishop’s hubris.

From the LATimes (LRR) Several Jewish organizations are launching efforts at interfaith outreach as well as to teach Jews about the New Testament. In response to the movie, the University of Judaism in Los Angeles recently held a panel discussion […]

This is a busy week….There’s the release of the film, the release of the abuse report, and… well, that minor moment in time called Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the season of Lent. More on that later. But in […]

This space is for you to post links to reviews of the movie, which should start coming today. Ebert and Roeper: Two Thumbs Up “It’s the only religious movie I’ve seen, with the exception of ‘The Gospel According to St. […]

Gibson film builds interest in the ancient language If and when the Rev. Joseph A. Fitzmyer goes to see Mel Gibson’s controversial film, it won’t be to see how the movie turns out. As a Jesuit, Fitzmyer already knows the […]