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I want to expand a little bit on Bishop McGrath’s statement, blogged below. On the level of the down n’ dirty, bare-bones of Scriptural study, he’s right. The Gospels are not straight history, as we understand history in the 21st […]

I’ll pull an O’Reilly here and start off this post with talking points re/That Movie. 1. On this blog at least, loving this film is not required. It’s a movie, it’s not the Gospel. There are thousands of pictorial depictions […]

…and The Passion of the Christ First, Bishop McGrath of San Jose While the primary source material of the film is attributed to the four gospels, these sacred books are not historical accounts of the historical events that they narrate. […]

Growing in Popularity The design of the rosary brims with symbolism. It’s a combination of Catholic rosaries and the Orthodox Jesus rope, according to Web sites. There are 33 beads, made of anything from wood to precious stones, plus a […]

In the NYTimes Book Review, Laura Miller debunks the “fact” of the Priory of Sion The ever-rising tide of sales of ”The Da Vinci Code” has lifted some pretty odd boats, and none odder than the dodgy yet magisterial ”Holy […]

This week, I have been working on an article on the whole “safe environment” aspect of the USCCB’s charter: dioceses must ensure safe environments for children and youth, and provide training for adults who work with children and youth, as […]

For the Report. Silly me. Of course they’re not interested in this supremely teachable moment, what with a hugely anticipated film about the Passion hitting screens on Ash Wednesday. They’ve got other things on their minds. And that just about […]