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with parameters: Did you see Dateline’s special program on “Who Killed Jesus?” Or EWTN’s interview with Mel Gibson? I didn’t! If you saw either and would like to share/comment/explain, post here.

David Neff on the spirituality expressed in the film When Protestants talk about prayer, they usually mean talking to God about what is on their heart and asking him to deal with life’s difficulties. When Catholics talk about prayer, they […]

Reviews: Ramesh Ponnuru How Catholic is the movie? Very. But it is not Catholic in a way that excludes Protestants. The film’s Marian devotion is a devotion to the Lord through His mother. (Scrawled on my notepad: “This is what […]

John Allen has some thoughts from two moral theologians about the boundaries of a Catholic politician’s political support for abortion I put the question to Fr. Brian Johnstone, a moral theologian at Rome’s Redemptorist-run Alphonsian Academy, and Fr. Robert Gahl, […]

…today because of a slight head cold, but Michael isn’t. Go read. The price Catholics have paid for taking Christ off of the cross, (not officially, I know but popularly this has been the case and often claimed by the […]

From Catholic News Service: The report, to be published by the Pontifical Academy for Life, was based on a Vatican-sponsored symposium of scientific experts held last April. It includes the papers delivered at the symposium, summaries of follow-up discussions involving […]

The British Catholic paper weighs in on the controversy, if not the actual film (which the writer had not seen) The article contains some errors – I’m pretty sure the Gibsons have 7 children, not 11 – but there are […]

From the AP. Mine was better. About 25 publishing houses regularly submit religion textbooks to the committee for approval, though that’s not required before a book can be used in a Catholic classroom. However, the committee’s imprimatur makes books more […]

An Albany columnist reports on Mary Jo White’s press conference On balance, her performance was an impressive piece of assurance theater, designed to shore up the credibility of a so-called independent investigator coming in to look at the allegations, rumors, […]