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Proclaiming his chastity, as the NYTimes puts it Bishop Hubbard has promised to take a lie detector test. His aides have organized a media blitz, which included inviting five local television stations to hear his story Thursday, and meeting with […]

One of the churches profiled in this fascinating NYTimes piece on emergent Christian churches The piece puts the movement in a very interesting context that I’ve not seen before in other articles, but that strikes me as very accurate: a […]

Here’s a link to a flyer that the Diocese of Pittsburgh has issued in relation to the film Interesting. I think a little more balance of spirituality and theology might possibly have been in order – it’s a little heavy […]

As I said earlier, I can’t possibly put up a post for every story about every diocesan reaction to the abuse report (which is still more than a week away from formal release.) But if I find some that seem […]

Convicted in Phoenix

Autopsy reports inconclusive, statements from several who spoke w/Fr. Minkler, including Fr. Joseph Wilson whose statment you may read over at Mark Shea’s blog

Lots and lots of links at CT’s Weblog, plus news on the Baptist minister killed in Iraq. The Providence Journal reports that John Kelley, pastor of the “tiny” Curtis Corner Baptist Church in Wakefield, Rhode Island, was killed. Three other […]

A column on Tech Central Station What are the state’s functions? The reader can easily detect that the pope’s ideas are close to the classical liberal conception of the state. Economic activity could not be effective without institutions. The main […]

Kansas City archbishop asks Catholic institutions to not invite abortion-supporting Catholic politicos to speak Archbishop James P. Keleher has asked Catholic institutions under his jurisdiction to stop inviting politicians or others who favor abortion rights to speak or take part […]

We are already reading pre-emptive statements by dioceses regarding the report to be released on 2/27. I’m not linking to them all here. To keep up, the best thing is to keep checking Abuse Tracker, now at NCR. Also see […]