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Is what they’re saying. The first prequel, that is. A WaPo article about the prospects for the Passion Joseph P. Vitale, a young District lawyer who is Catholic, bought out the largest screen at the AMC movie complex at Mazza […]

An LATimes story on a group that has formed to protest third-trimester abortion specialist Tiller (Link requires registration, but just do it.) Over the next 12 months, Newman and his followers will point their arrows at everyone who works for […]

If you watched the ABC interview, comment here. I forgot it was on – we got hooked into this weird little movie on IFC called On the Run featuring, it seemed, half of the cast of The Sopranos. So, I’m […]

Information regarding the abuse report is leaking, board members distance themselves and question the leaks. Bishop Gregory responds

Albany priest found dead A priest whose name was linked with a letter accusing Bishop Howard Hubbard of homosexual activity was found dead in his Watervliet home this weekend. Watervliet police said the Rev. John Minkler was found on the […]

Mostly. It’s in the hands of the editor right now and there are a few loose ends, but we hope it will be with copyeditors tomorrow. And when I have a cover to show you …I’ll show you. Now, some […]

You’re invited to run on over to Heart, Mind and Strength University for Living and check out the workshops, including mine on Parables – one-on-one online interaction, enrichment and education!