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At Christianity Today’s Weblog, working hard So I Don’t Have To. Plus thoughts on Christian blogging. Sometime, in all of this Blog-Discussion, someone needs to mention the function of comments. That is such an important element – not of all […]

Schindler family wins appeal Gov. Jeb Bush and the parents of a severely brain-damaged woman won appellate court rulings in their favor Friday on two legal issues in their quest to keep the woman alive against her husband’s wishes. Florida’s […]

Just as I was pulling up to park at the babysitter’s, the morning DJ reminded me it was Friday the 13th. I’d forgotten (I’m not keeping track of time too well these days.) Oh, I thought. How interesting. Just at […]

A new book from Paul Thigpen, found here!

As previously noted, I’m participating in the HMS University for Living, offering a workshop on the Parables of Jesus. For 6 weeks, using the Loyola Press “6 Weeks With the Bible” Parables: Stories of the Kingdom book that I wrote, […]

Maybe Gest’s lawyers don’t fully appreciate the fact that their client presents like a pathetic cross between Blanche DuBois and, well, Liza Minnelli.