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I’ve been meaning to post some recent reads for a while. As you can see from the right rail, I’ve started N.T. Wright’s The Resurrection of the Son of God, widely hailed as one of the religion books of the […]

Soon, soon, soon. Almost done. With the hard part. My head is so full o’ stuff for this project and its promotion, I can’t sleep. And then I’m really tired, but then even if I go to bed early, I […]

150 SSPX folks disrupt Buddhist monks’ performance at St. Adalbert’s Basilica. It’s a television news website, so of course, the story makes barely any sense. Maybe by morning there will be a newspaper article. I just have to wonder – […]

You all have probably read about this already, but here are two links recounting the resignation of the Arlington diocesan victim assistance coordinator and director of child protection and safety: From the Washington Times From NCR(eporter)

In South Dakota, via After Abortion Democrats and Republicans joined together and passed [this] bill…The preamble to HB1191 says that based on the best scientific and medical evidence, life begins at fertilization and that South Dakota’s Bill of Rights applies […]

Which is perfectly understandable, please go to Get Religion, which has, in a matter of days, become my new favorite religion blog.

Rod Dreher tells their story

Dupre of Springfield The Vatican announced Wednesday that Pope John Paul II had accepted Dupre’s resignation, but didn’t release other details. In a brief statement, the diocese said Dupre left his post Tuesday “for a medical facility where he will […]

James Carroll in the Boston Globe But an afternoon’s meditation at the place where Christians have remembered the death of Jesus for 1,600 years raises the question of whether we have more broadly misused that memory. This shrine memorializing Golgotha […]

In an unsurprising way. Marijuana priest under investigation for something else now Assistant Summit County Prosecutor Mary Ann Kovach said Tuesday that she plans to meet with police to determine if sex charges should be brought against Rev. Richard Arko, […]