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Working with the elderly in LA The worldwide order of 3,100 sisters in 32 countries was founded in France in 1839 and will celebrate its centennial anniversary in Southern California next year. This year, the order is commemorating its 25th […]

From the UK Tablet Those of us who are winners can change jobs, churches, relationships, houses when it suits us. The poor cannot. They get left behind. In the long term this, I believe, has a destabilising effect on the […]

Sort of. Mostly from the priest end. Here’s a Zenit article John Paul II said the Church should rigorously apply canon-law sanctions against priests who commit crimes, and suggested the best guarantee for the future is “correct and balanced” priestly […]

Here’s a ranking of most-visited Catholic websites

Years ago, before I actually ever went to a NASCAR race or knew anything about racing, my husband spent time disabusing me of any stereotypes I might have of those I would see in the stands. You know, really not […]