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January 1, 1970 Archives

Arko indicted for that whole marijuana issue. A story with details of the affadavit. Hmmm. “Dude, he’s been doing this for years,” Powell told detectives before declining to say anything else.

Good man! (pdf file, be warned)

From Anne Applebaum Later — in 10 years, or in 60 — it will surely turn out that quite a lot was known in 2004 about the camps of North Korea. It will turn out that information collected by various […]

Described at CT’s Weblog Nearly three dozen Greek Orthodox worshipers, including several prominent figures, are suing the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Archbishop Demetrios for what they say are violations of its 1978 governing charter. The suing parishioners are […]

Words to ponder from Luke Timothy Johnson, whom I heard this morning on a syndicated public radio program called Speaking of Faith. The subject was The Da Vinci Code, and the host interviewed Johnson (and later another, feminist scholar whom […]

An article on the work of Dominican sisters in Iraq.

This guy Rutten really doesn’t like this whole Passion thing at all. As a popular scriptural verse declares, “by their fruits shall you know them.” But there’s also something to be learned from the configuration of the bough that bears […]