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In case you don’t know, Dana Gioia is a poet, and head of the National Endowment for the Arts, the government agency in the spotlight this week, not for Mapplethorpes and Sprinkles, but because President Bush has proposed doubling its […]

Church at the crossroads At least three matters of global consequence are shaping the pre-conclave discussions among key cardinal-electors. Collapsing Catholicism in Europe. Europe is committing demographic suicide, as no Western European state has a replacement level birth rate. At […]

What South African bishops do. Kind of an interesting contrast. South African Catholics were called on to send a “Tip for Trevor”, advising Finance Minister Trevor Manuel to introduce a basic income grant for the poor in his forthcoming Budget. […]

Traditionalists let loose on Pope Fellay, Lefebvre’s successor, spoke at a news conference at a hotel near the Vatican to present a 50-page traditionalist’s assessment of John Paul’s 25-year papacy. The booklet said ecumenism, as dialogue and cooperation among Christian […]