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…closely enough , but this JWR piece gives me an opportune moment to do so:

Paul Weyrich. Gary Bauer. Linda Chavez. Bill Donahue. Marc Gellman. Bailey Smith.

Five Christians, one Jew. All nationally known. Weyrich is CEO of the Free Congress Foundation, helped found the Moral Majority; Bauer. a former Presidential candidate, Chavez, a former Reagan administration official, Gelllman the Jewish half of TV’s “God Squad,” Donahue is the feisty critic of anti-Catholic bias, and Bailey Smith, a former Southern Baptist convention president who made headlines years ago for an anti-Semitic remark that he has long since retracted.

They are the true defenders of Judeo-Christian values. Now in light of the astounding front page story in today’s Washington Post, they are prophets with honor.

Bauer et al were the few religious conservatives who objected to the queer spectacle of their fellow religious conservatives determination to work alongside a reputed terrorist-friendly Islamic group in order to oppose gay marriage

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