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Excellent profile of Cardinal George Criticism generates little public response from the cardinal. In the age of Oprah, when public personalities are expected to offer up their anguish and struggles for public scrutiny, George remains largely reticent. He has, for […]

As I told you a while back, Katie and I are reading Oliver Twist aloud. Still. Yeah, it’s been a little slow. I think we’re finally about on page 80. I have been taken aback, I must admit, by Dickens’ […]

Barbara Nicolosi reports that Martin Scorcese is apparently preparing to film The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene.

Emily has more over at After Abortion

A tough article from Orange County Bishop of Orange Tod Brown is spending $90,000 over four months in diocese funds to hire a PR agency to advise the diocese on how to handle an ongoing sexual abuse crisis that is […]

I’m going to be on Jeff Cavins’ Morning Air program on Tuesday morning sometime after 9am ET, talking about (what else) The Da Vinci Code

Fun from Bill Dodds (see the “gaption”)

Castro incarcerates librarians. American Library Association fails to care. At the ALA’s annual midwinter meeting this month in San Diego, Karen Schneider, a member of the ALA’s governing council, wanted to amend a final report on the meeting to call […]

Won’t be returning to parish, no matter what A Roman Catholic priest accused of growing marijuana in his church living quarters won’t be allowed to return to his duties in the parish after the case is resolved, church officials said. […]

Archbishop Burke to be installed today, which happens to be the the memorial of Sts. Timothy and Titus