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January 1, 1970 Archives

An LATimes story (registration) about a book that’s sold in the Grand Canyon bookstore How old is the Grand Canyon? Most scientists agree with the version that rangers at Grand Canyon National Park tell visitors — that the 10-mile wide […]

George Neumayr on Howard Dean, who served on the board of Planned Parenthood, did an OB-GYN rotation for a PP clinic, but denies having performed abortions. Surely Dean will at least take credit for abortion referrals. Recall his NARAL dinner […]

A WSJ op-ed wonders about a Jewish (or pseudo-Jewish) president I always thought it was too obvious to spell out, but apparently it isn’t: A Jew in the White House would not be good for the Jews. Because the tendency […]

The Washington Times reports that lawyers have given DC-area church officials bad news: The letter tells the Washington Archdiocese that “our investigation to date reveals a history of abuse and negligent supervision comparable to that of Boston.” The letter, distributed […]