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1. Hanukkah is not the Jewish Christmas. The parallels are striking. Both happen near the end of the secular year. Both center around lights. And both involve gift giving. But, despite their outward similarities, the two are vastly different in religious meaning. […]

December means family time. We celebrate holidays. We take a little time off. But many of us greet this with a feeling of worry. Our country feels more divided. The ties that bind us feel more frayed. I’ve read some accounts […]

The newspaper is rarely is a good source to find wisdom. We find opinions. We find facts. But real insight on how to live well is are. So we turn to other sources like books and essays and blogs. But […]

Jewish tradition often leaves me perplexed. A few years ago, the first night of Chanukah coincided with Thanksgiving. This year Chanukah begins on Christmas Eve. How is that possible? The Jewish calendar revolves around the lunar cycle. The lunar cycle lasts […]

Earlier this year a friend of mine delivered a sermon at Marble Collegiate Church in New York City. Facebook comments soon informed him that the church had once been headed by Donald Trump’s favorite minister.   That minister was Norman […]

Something new and wonderful happened last night. The Chicago Cubs became World Series champions for the first time since 1908. Amidst the celebration, we can learn so much to help us in life. Baseball is not just a sport. It […]

The greatest teachers of the Bible did not tell stories. They did not simply proclaim laws. They lived what they taught. They also invited others into it. Think of people from whom you learned. Did they just say things? Or did […]

Many heroes emerged on 9/11. The firefighters and police officers who entered the burning building and debris stand out. Their memories continue to bless and inspire us today. Among the overlooked heroes, however, was a group hunkered down in several […]

In seminary, one moral dilemma seriously divided the class. The question was whether to give money to the homeless on the street in downtown Cincinnati, where the seminary was located. This question concerned me directly, as I was also interning […]

On the most sacred Jewish holiday of the year–Yom Kippur–we literally imagine our own funeral. Men traditional wear a white sash that will also serve as their burial shroud. The purpose is to picture our own death in a way […]