True Beauty Starts Inside

I’m often asked what the best foods are to quickly lose belly fat and extra pounds.

FACT: It can be difficult to choose the correct belly fat loss foods on your own because there are so many foods available to choose from, and we all have our own individual tastes.

For example, one expert might say eggs are one of the best foods to lose weight, but not everyone likes or eats eggs. So, instead of listing individual foods, below you will find the best food characteristics, based on medical research, to enjoy for belly fat loss and extra pounds.

Start choosing the right foods to help you reach your weight loss goals:

Protein-Rich Foods… Protein is essential for the growth and repair of all of the tissues in our body. Protein also has the added benefit of making us feel full, which can help us avoid overeating. However, making the right protein food choices is important to our weight loss efforts. We should choose lean protein foods like chicken (skinless), fish, and lean cuts of red meat. Other protein-rich foods include nuts, beans, legumes, protein bars, and protein shakes.

Fiber-Rich Foods… Fiber is a highly important part of a healthy diet and fiber-rich foods are some of the best foods to lose weight. Foods that naturally include fiber, like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are some of the best foods to lose weight; they are generally low in calories and rich in valuable nutrients. Like protein, fiber has an appetite suppressing effect that is important for helping us control our calorie intake.

Low-Glycemic Foods… Low-glycemic foods contain carbohydrates that are slowly digested and absorbed, thus producing minimal rises in blood sugar. Blood sugar changes have been linked to feelings of fullness and appetite, so low-glycemic foods can make it easier to regulate your food/calorie intake. This makes low-glycemic foods some of the best foods to lose weight. Low-glycemic foods include items like whole grain or multi-grain breads and cereals, many fruits and vegetables, some pasta, and more.

Spices… Some studies have reported that using no-calorie spices can help enhance one’s weight loss efforts. It is thought that adding no-calorie spices to your food can make you feel fuller faster, which will reduce your food intake. It has also been suggested that spices make some foods, like vegetables, more acceptable to individuals who don’t eat them often. Adding your favorite spices to some of your best foods to lose weight is a great way to start enjoying healthier eating habits while losing weight.

DOCTOR’S ORDERS: Start eating the best foods to lose belly fat that are high in protein, high in fiber, and that have little impact on blood sugar. And don’t forget to spice it up!

Remember that our true beauty starts inside!

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