True Beauty Starts Inside

Hi, I’m Dr. Aaron Tabor.

I’m very happy and blessed to start serving you as part of the Beliefnet community.

My professional and personal passion is to help you live a beautiful life that you love.  Why? Because I firmly believe that looking better is not vanity — it is victory. Looking better makes us feel emotionally better, and that is vital for our longevity.

As a graduate of a top medical school, I love discovering the truth through medical research and then using that truth to make someone’s life more beautiful. I’m always researching the world’s most efficient and healthiest foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes to beautify and run our amazing Temples that God created.

Be encouraged! I’ll give you the latest beauty, diet and aging tips based on solid medical research so you can start looking and feeling better now.

Remember that our true beauty starts inside through a relationship with God.

Please email me your questions to or post a Comment.


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