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D.Min. Students Take Note: Both of the events listed below are being offered for credit at Fuller Theological Seminary. Fuller is offering 4 credits for each event, and Tony Jones will be the professor of record. The course will consist […]

You may recall that Kevin DeYoung, co-author of the book, Why We’re Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be), was on a panel discussion with me a few weeks ago at the Christian Book Expo in Dallas. I have […]

The doods at Homebrewed Christianity have taken my conversation with Bart Ehrman about his book, Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don’t Know about Them). You can, of course, get it on iTunes, or […]

Some of my favorite commenters (like Annie) have accused me of “straw man” arguments this past week. I disagree. That would mean that I had overinflated the arguments of my theological opponents and then popped their balloons.  But, in fact, […]

No. I simply deny it pride of place.  Here’s what I wrote in October, 2006 about my lunch with John Piper: One thing that won’t surprise anyone who knows about these things: John Piper basically equates a penal substitutionary understanding […]

So, I wrote a couple of posts over the weekend — “Why Jesus Died” and “Why Jesus Rose” — that affirmed a traditional and orthodox understanding of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  But because I don’t afford the […]

I’m on no quest to reject the penal substitutionary theory of the atonement (PSA). (I merely intend to dethrone it.) 🙂  In fact, that’s the understanding of Jesus’ death that was taught to me in my youth group as a […]

It’s Good Friday, the day that we Christians “celebrate” — actually, commemorate — Jesus’ crucifixion. For the last several years, in my little corner of Christianity, there’s been lots of talk about the atonement — that is, about what exactly […]

It just turns out that he won’t debate it with me. Last fall, Rod and I agreed, at the behest of our then-editor, Patton Dodd, to hold a friendly “blogalogue” on same sex marriage.  It was in the aftermath of […]

I’ve already blogged about this a couple times, but here’s the video artifact of the panel at the Christian Book Expo.  If you’ve got 90 minutes to spare, you can decide for yourself about whether Scot’s (and my) charges of […]