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Last Friday, I completed the first draft of a book on the Didache for Paraclete Press.  It’ll come out sometime this fall, but in the meantime, here’s a top ten list of my favorite lines from that wonderful little manual […]

Paul’s pivotal life experience is referred to as the Calling of Paul or the Damascus Road Experience–the day Jesus confronted Paul. Luke recorded the original incident in Acts 9: “Saul, Saul, why are you out to get me?” [Paul] said, […]

The next prayer we’ll investigate is straightforward enough, but the action the apostles took seems curious to us. Shortly after Jesus “was taken up and disappeared in a cloud” (Acts 1:9, technically called the Ascension), and some time before Pentecost, […]

I can hardly imagine a person praying during his torture and execution. I find it even more difficult to imagine that person praying for his executors. But Jesus was no ordinary person. He loved people to the end, and he […]

Near the beginning of Solomon’s reign, he does what we hope any ruler would do. In 1 Kings 3, he asks God for wisdom. After Solomon marries his queen, he travels to Gibeon to worship at the shrine (before the […]

Some years after Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt and after Joshua took them into the land that God had promised Abram, Israel was led by a series of judges. Moses picked the first judges, people who […]

Last week, I ran some excerpts of a book I’ve written on the ancient practice of lectio divina. This week, I’ll be posting excerpts from another book called Ask Seek Knock, in which I wrote about how we can use […]

Praying the Bible Intro – lectio divina – reading – meditating – praying – contemplating Writing about contemplation is strange. It’s weird because the fourth step of lectio divina is so unlike our everyday activities. The first three steps of […]

Praying the Bible Intro – lectio divina – reading – meditating – praying – contemplating In the movie The Apostle, Robert Duvall plays Sonny, a preacher-evangelist who has made a few mistakes in his life, one of them a big […]