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Hi there.  Welcome to my blog.  You may have found it because it’s been posted on some conservative website, and you feel it’s your duty to steer readers away from my false teaching.  Well, you’re welcome to do so. But, […]

Rod, it was great to meet you and sit on your front porch drinking coffee.  Actually, it was even more wonderful to meet Julie and the kids, your chickens, and your incapacitated dog.  I appreciated reading your story, and I’ll […]

I met Rod yesterday, and we had a great time sitting on his porch, drinking coffee.  I can say, with all candor, that I thoroughly enjoyed his company and now consider him a friend.  I’m working on a post today […]

Rod, as I mentioned to you in an email, I thought it might be interesting to start our same sex marriage blogalogue by telling a bit of our stories — about how we came to our respective positions on the […]

Same sex marriage is an emotional issue to begin with, and the stakes have been significantly upped by the passage of Prop 8.  So I have no doubt that my blogalogue with Rod (which I intend to start tomorrow, on […]

One question I’ve been asked repeatedly is whether the issue of same sex marriage is inevitably shifting toward cultural acceptance.  Yes, it is. As Kevin Drum pointed out last May in Washington Monthly, the American populace is shifting on same […]

I’m a real fan of the blogging medium, and I’m actually becoming more so.  But I think it’s only one medium in a panoply of media that help us to engage an issue like same sex marriage.  Blogs are good, […]

In advance of my blogalogue with Rod Dreher, I want to get something off my chest.  I will write about this once and only once.  That is, this conversation about same sex marriage is not about me.  I am heterosexual, […]

Like a lot of Christians, I’ve been thinking about, praying about, and talking to others about my response to the passage of Proposition 8 in California.  Beginning next week, I’ll be entering into a Beliefnet blogoalogue about same sex marriage […]