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Following up on Christianity21, we at JoPa Productions are developing a series of boot camps for pastors who want to learn about and utilize social media tools like blogging, Twitter, and Facebook.  These are one-day, hands-on learning experiences, currently offered […]

In our attempt to exterminate Christian euphemisms from our vocabulary, Nathan nominated thusly: “Unbiblical” when what the situation really is is “I really, really DON’T like that” OR “I disagree” OR “Your words challenge my deepest held idolatries posing as […]

I received loads of great comments about what Christian euphemisms we should drag, kicking and screaming, into the light of day in an attempt to euthanize them. I won’t be able to tackle them all, but I’ll highlight some of […]

“I Took It as a Sign” Someone sent a band to my house,And it started playingAt five in the morning. I took this as a signGod wanted me to sing! Then the moon joined inAnd a few of the tenor-voiced […]

Apparently, Paul Gauguin, in a dispute over a prostitute.

It’s National Poetry Month, so here’s my favorite poem, first introduced to me by my Brit Lit teacher, Bud Jensen, during my senior year in high school.  Good words for all of us — emergent, evangelical, Reformed, Democrats, Americans — […]

The Washlet.  Does it creep you out?  And seriously, how many euphemisms can you use to avoid saying, “This thing shoots hot water up your ass, then dries you.”?

Here it is, in about 11 minutes: The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo. (HT: Presentation Zen)

As a co-alumnus of Dartmouth College, I feel a special connection to the good Doctor.  In fact, he started signing his works “Seuss” while at Dartmouth. In honor of his birthday, here’s a link to a free PDF compiled by […]

So, I’m on a panel with one of the authors of an anti-emergent book at the Christian Book Expo next month, and I emailed his publisher, Moody Publishing, to get a review copy of the book (no, I haven’t read […]