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I was really, truly excited about Tom Daschle as HHS Secretary.  I think he is a fundamentally good person.  Larry Lessig agrees, but says that doesn’t excuse him: Daschle, of course, is the most innocent in this guilty system. His […]

Andrew weighs in on “Progressive” or “Liberal”: Maybe I’m just anal retentive but I think that the term “progressive” is a lot like the term “evangelical.” It’s just an easy way for folks to compartmentalize others (and maybe even themselves) […]

Philip Clayton (who is, by the way, da bomb!) tells us:

Over at GetReligion, Mollie dissects a WaPo story on the new Religious Left…um…er…the religious “progressives.” Progressive? Is this the best descriptor for religious groups who advocate for liberal political aims? I have used the term regularly in the past and […]

Pro-Slavery vs Anti-Slavery States2000 Electoral College

Gallup has a new map up, rating each state by religiosity.  Respondents answered whether religion is an important part of their lives, and the map reinforces some of the usual stereotypes about the religiosity of the Deep South and the […]

“Come Let Us Reason Together” is the governing document of a group attempting to bridge the chasm between evangelicals and political progressives.  I signed on, not because the document is a comprehensive statement of all ways that these two groups […]

Billions of words have already been written and spoken yesterday and today regarding the inauguration, everything from the Justice Roberts oath flub to Michelle Obama’s ball gown.  I’ve got opinions, of course, but nothing particularly new to say.  So, instead, […]

I’m a regular commentator on Doug Pagitt’s daily radio show, The Question. (Yes, I believe that is a velour shirt.) His show runs from 10-11am Central Time on Blogtalkradio, and I join him most Tuesdays from 10:30-11:00 to talk about […]

Over the past several years, on my various blogs, I’ve pointed to or republished the Letter from a Birmingham Jail, written to the white clergymen of that city, to honor the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Here it is […]