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Recently, Stanley Fish wrote about the problems with the way the liberal intelligentsia thinks about religion vs. science — or reason vs. faith. He was, of course, slaughtered in the comment section of his NYTimes blog by, um, the liberal […]

I’ve long admired Stanley Fish, and I’ve written about my reliance on his fantastic book of essays, Is There a Text in this Class? The Authority of Interpretive Communities. Fish is a leading postmodern literary critic and occasional commentator on […]

In one of my early posts on same sex marriage, I wrote that I used to be in the “natural law” camp of persons who said that, thought there’s not an overwhelming amount of verses in the Bible about homosexuality […]

Scientist/Theorist/Philosopher of Emergence Biology, Phillip Clayton, speaks directly to me and you.  Honestly, the importance of what he’s saying cannot be overstated.  Watch it…twice.  Then go to YouTube to see my response.

Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age, is magisterial in its scope, and timely in its topic.  It’s a massive book at over 800 pages, but I’m tackling it because several persons have said it will be invaluable to my dissertation.  The […]

Occasional blogger and always philosopher, Kevin Corcoran, has written a bit about his experience on the emerging church panel at the recent Calvin Worship Symposium.  It seems that the panelists were asked about what beliefs are necessary to be a […]

Yes. Theologian-Scientist-Believer Philip Clayton answers that question, and has some hard words for pastors.  He and I tend to agree that theology is latent in all human endeavors (see chapter 4, “The Theology, Stupid!”).

“We live in a condition where we cannot help but be aware that there are a number of different construals, views which intelligent, reasonably undeluded people, of good will, can and do disagree on. We cannot help looking over our […]

Philip Clayton (who is, by the way, da bomb!) tells us: