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Probably the biggest religion story of the past couple weeks has been the saga of Daniel Hauser, the 13-year-old boy from northern Minnesota who is dying of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Yes, he’s dying, unless he gets chemo. With chemo, there’s a […]

Next fall, Doug and I are hosting a learning party in the Twin Cities for people who love Christ, love Christianity, and are interested in the future. The two of us have been given the microphone a lot in the […]

Christianity21 is an event that JoPa Productions is producing next October 9-11.  And it’s the first event of its kind — historic, you might say. You see, we have invited 21 of the most compelling voices we can find to […]

Yes, they do.  It’s called “spanking.”  Here’s the premise: In order to improve your children’s behavior, you hit them.  Makes virtually no sense, right?  Well, that’s exactly what a new study confirmed: Children who were spanked tend to be more […]

My dear friend, Carla, and her co-blogger Caryn over at TheMommyRevolution answer with a robust No!  Money Quote: It boarders on idolatry. Dave made a statement that troubles me to no end. It is just the kind of statement that sends […]

My deep, deep thanks to my guest bloggers last week: Keith DeRose, Carla Barnhill, and Anthony Smith.  They may continue to post this week to run out the string on their thoughts.  And I hope to have them back in […]

I’m fairly certain that most of what we attempt in the way of spiritual formation for children gets in the way of what God is doing in the way of spiritual formation for children. Thank you all for your thoughtful […]

I am certain there will be comments about this and that some of them will insinuate I am not a very good mother. Or a very good Christian. But a conversation I had this summer has convinced me that I […]

Filling in for Tony this week means I have to charge up a few parts of my brain that have been in sleep mode for about a decade. I will post a more involved blog later today, but I wanted […]

Panthera, Larry, Celsus, and others continue to have at on yesterday’s COTD, but it’s Christmas Eve, so I’m going to refrain from re-posting one of theirs here — they’re not particularly gentle. However, here’s a comment by Panthera on yesterday’s […]