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For the rest of the week, I’m going to look back on my experience of the legendary Cornerstone Festival. What many are going to want to hear are my thoughts on the panel on which I sat which dealt with […]

Do you think that Christian leaders who publicly support same sex marriage, gay rights, etc., should be pushed out of the closet? Last fall, I publicly affirmed gay marriage as a Christian and biblically virtuous lifestyle. Of course, not all […]

Last week, I spent time with some new friends in Canada. Most of them were church leaders in the United Church of Canada, the result of a denominational merger in 1925. The United Church is unabashedly liberal in its social […]

Last week, Doug Kmiec went on Colbert and became the next in a long line of people: Those who’ve gone on Colbert and said what I want to say on Colbert. Kmiec said what more and more of us are […]

In one of my early posts on same sex marriage, I wrote that I used to be in the “natural law” camp of persons who said that, thought there’s not an overwhelming amount of verses in the Bible about homosexuality […]

It just turns out that he won’t debate it with me. Last fall, Rod and I agreed, at the behest of our then-editor, Patton Dodd, to hold a friendly “blogalogue” on same sex marriage.  It was in the aftermath of […]

Following my panel discussion, about which I will report soon, I was approached by a well-dressed guy wearing name badge that identified him on the staff with the Institute for Creation Research, an organization with which I was not familiar.  […]

I’ve been walking with my friend, Adam Walker-Cleaveland, through his tumultuous process of ordination over the past few months.  And I’ve often urged him to abandon what I consider to be a broken and probably sinful system. Well, now he […]


In this week’s edition of Newsweek, Richard Mouw, the president of Fuller Theological Seminary, penned an essay, “Less Shouting, More Talking,” in which he addresses the issues around Prop 8.  It’s clear that he wrote it, in part, as a […]