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So says McSweeney’s: Generally, I now think I can do more for the planet as just a guy who used to be God instead of the guy who currently is God, you know what I mean by this? Life is […]

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Whilst I was at Furman University this week (which, I must say, is one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve ever seen), I received an email from Princeton Seminary granting me an extension till March, 2010, to finish my dissertation. […]

The Washlet.  Does it creep you out?  And seriously, how many euphemisms can you use to avoid saying, “This thing shoots hot water up your ass, then dries you.”?

I’m with Larry: Actually, the mere existence of soccer is proof of total depravity.

These Christians don’t….um…you know…

To my post, Penn Gillette Loves Him Some Gideons, PerpetualDreamer replies, Even though I’m no longer a Christian, I find the Gideon bibles very useful – they’re free and very effective getting missionaries off my property when I threaten to […]

According to Men’s Health Magazine, men from Minnesota rank highly in the 25 Meanest Things Ever Said by Men and the 11 Smartest Things Ever Said about Fatherhood.  Included in the lists, Minnesotans Prince, Hubert Humphrey, Harmon Killebrew, and Garrison […]