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Nick Fiedler: We didn’t want Emergent to become the new club, but we wanted it to organize so that through gatherings, cohorts, and online social networks it could create it’s own grouping and lovingly force some voices out into the […]

Nick Fiedler is the latest to jump on the meme that emergent is fizzling, and he’s disappointed. I am loathe to respond to posts like his. In fact, I rarely read them because I find them utterly depressing, and they […]

In The New Christians, I wrote a section chastising liberals for censoring the Bible in the Revised Common Lectionary. Although liberals often criticize conservatives for cherrypicking Bible verses, liberals do just the same thing when they leave verses out of […]

Next fall, Doug and I are hosting a learning party in the Twin Cities for people who love Christ, love Christianity, and are interested in the future. The two of us have been given the microphone a lot in the […]

I’ve faithfully read your comments, and John’s post, and here are my rejoinders-by-bullet-point: Ontological Shibboleth: I’ve been accused of creating a straw man in suggesting that denominational ordination tends to grant ontological superiority to those in the clergy caste. I […]

I’ve got a bunch of people upset at me for encouraging my friend, Adam Walker-Cleaveland, to forsake the ordination process of the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination. I even went so far as to post an online petition to attempt to […]

My friend, Adam Walker-Cleaveland, has once again been thwarted in his attempt to be ordained as a “minister of word and sacrament” in the Presbyterian Church (USA). First it was because his presbytery in Idaho objected that he asked his […]

At JoPa Productions we know how important leader networks and informal blog communities are for those working on new and emerging ways of Christianity. And, we know how important face-to-face meetings are in the development of these communities. So, we […]

That’s the question that I tweeted yesterday. And then last night, before her talk, I introduced her by reading the tweets that came in. A couple people have asked me to post them, so here they are: As much as […]

Adam has convened a great conversation at Pomomusings called Plurality 2.0. My friend, Phillip Clayton posted last week.  Money quote: I’m guessing that most readers of this post in fact already live in Pluralism 2.0. If you’re one of those […]