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Last week at Christianity21, GENERATE Magazine debuted. With the tag line, “an artifact of the emergence conversation,” it fit perfectly at the gathering. When I actually got around to reading it last weekend, I was truly surprised at how good […]

In our attempt to exterminate Christian euphemisms from our vocabulary, Nathan nominated thusly: “Unbiblical” when what the situation really is is “I really, really DON’T like that” OR “I disagree” OR “Your words challenge my deepest held idolatries posing as […]

As other bloggers have noted, putting the Christianity21 experience into words is nearly impossible. In short, it went even better than Doug and I imagined it. All of the pieces came together beautifully. In fact, when people repeatedly stopped me […]

Due to snow in the Twin Cities, several C21 participants got held over for another night here, allowing us to revel in the glories of the gathering for another day.  But today holds a couple more airport runs, some packing, […]

Scot asked a good question last week: How come people who are clearly not evangelical keep getting upset about what evangelicals do? He asks this in response to the semi-furor around Rob Bell’s (seemingly off-handed) remark to a newspaper reporter […]

I was having a conversation with a friend about the evangelical interest in Jim Belcher’s book, Deep Church.  Jim’s written a good book, and I was happy to endorse it — albeit with the caveat that he and I disagree […]

I introduced Flory and Miller’s book,  Finding Faith: The Spiritual Quest of the Post-Boomer Generation, earlier this week.  As sociologists, Flory and Miller have no axe to grind, thus I find their taxonomy of the emerging movement inherently more honest […]

I’ve been generally unhappy with the existing taxonomies of the emerging/-ent church movement that are out there.  The most well known, I suppose, is Ed Stetzer’s triptych: Relevants: “They are simply trying to explain the message of Christ in a […]

It seems that the “Church” of Scientology has jumped on the marketing language of the emerging church movement if their Google Ad Words campaign (on my blog feed!) is any indication. We have definitely jumped the shark. HT: Simon Willer […]

My primary role at Cornerstone was co-presenting a three-part seminar with Phyllis Tickle, long-time friend and author of many books. We did a dog-and-pony show on the emergent/-ing/-ence movement that we’ve done before. IMHO, we work pretty well together, due […]