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Next fall, Doug and I are hosting a learning party in the Twin Cities for people who love Christ, love Christianity, and are interested in the future. The two of us have been given the microphone a lot in the […]

I’m going to close out this week’s topic by looking back to the history of the church — the very early church — to gain a bit more perspective on ordination. I’m currently writing a little book reflecting on the […]

I’ve faithfully read your comments, and John’s post, and here are my rejoinders-by-bullet-point: Ontological Shibboleth: I’ve been accused of creating a straw man in suggesting that denominational ordination tends to grant ontological superiority to those in the clergy caste. I […]

In light of the recent ordination discussion here, I’m reposting an ordination sermon that I preached for a friend in 2005. Looking forward to your comments. Last weekend, I preached at the ordination service of a friend. I thought it […]

John, Here’s the continuation of my response to your blog post and my petition asking Adam to consider withdrawing from the ordination process in the PC(USA). 5) You write, What historians know but Tony doesn’t seem to understand is that […]

I’ve got a bunch of people upset at me for encouraging my friend, Adam Walker-Cleaveland, to forsake the ordination process of the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination. I even went so far as to post an online petition to attempt to […]

Over at Internet Monk, Michael Bell has run the latest Pew data through his Batcomputer, and it spit out a very cool graph, showing where people switch when they switch. Money quote from Michael’s analysis: Evangelicals are at best currently […]

My friend, Adam Walker-Cleaveland, has once again been thwarted in his attempt to be ordained as a “minister of word and sacrament” in the Presbyterian Church (USA). First it was because his presbytery in Idaho objected that he asked his […]

In Phyllis Tickle’s latest book, The Great Emergence: How Christianity Is Changing and Why, she writes of the “centering” of Christianity. In her famous quadrilateral diagram, she demonstrates how liturgicals, social justicers, pente-charistmatics, and doctrinal evangelicals are all swirling toward […]

Yesterday, Pew released a follow-up to their much ballyhooed religion survey that showed a 10 percent rise in a decade in the number of Americans that, when asked their religious affiliation, declared, “None.” The original press reports declared, and the […]