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Christianity21_MediaRelease.pdf Event’s Line-Up Challenges Perceptions of Church Conferences JoPa Productions presents an event featuring more than 20 women speaking into the state of Christianity in the 21st Century–but it’s not a women’s conference Minneapolis, MN August 20, 2009 – Christianity21 […]

It seems to me that the same people who take the stance that the Bible has a plain meaning in all cases also seem to assume that human sexuality is a pretty simple manner.  There are men and there are […]

I introduced Flory and Miller’s book,  Finding Faith: The Spiritual Quest of the Post-Boomer Generation, earlier this week.  As sociologists, Flory and Miller have no axe to grind, thus I find their taxonomy of the emerging movement inherently more honest […]

I’ve been generally unhappy with the existing taxonomies of the emerging/-ent church movement that are out there.  The most well known, I suppose, is Ed Stetzer’s triptych: Relevants: “They are simply trying to explain the message of Christ in a […]

Well, if you register for Christianity21 by midnight (CDT) on Friday, you’ll be entered to win a private lunch with her.

“It’s a clean sweep for the liberal agenda in the Episcopal Church,” said David Virtue, editor of, a conservative Web site. “The orthodox are finished.” So begins the NYTimes article on the annual cluster meeting known as the Episcopal […]

More good comments under the second lectionary post (and here’s the first). So here are my concluding thoughts (for now). When I began working as a pastor at Colonial Church in 1997, David Fisher had just introduced the Revised Common […]

It may seem a parochial concern, but the comments on the Revised Common Lectionary post last week have been very intriguing. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the comments of two members of the Consultation on Common Texts, especially. That’s the […]

In The New Christians, I wrote a section chastising liberals for censoring the Bible in the Revised Common Lectionary. Although liberals often criticize conservatives for cherrypicking Bible verses, liberals do just the same thing when they leave verses out of […]