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Last Friday, I completed the first draft of a book on the Didache for Paraclete Press.  It’ll come out sometime this fall, but in the meantime, here’s a top ten list of my favorite lines from that wonderful little manual […]

Praying the Bible Intro – lectio divina – reading – meditating – praying – contemplating For the last couple weeks, I’ve written some ecclesial and theological provocations. For the next couple weeks I’m going to focus on spirituality — namely, […]

I’m going to close out this week’s topic by looking back to the history of the church — the very early church — to gain a bit more perspective on ordination. I’m currently writing a little book reflecting on the […]

In light of the recent ordination discussion here, I’m reposting an ordination sermon that I preached for a friend in 2005. Looking forward to your comments. Last weekend, I preached at the ordination service of a friend. I thought it […]

John, Here’s the continuation of my response to your blog post and my petition asking Adam to consider withdrawing from the ordination process in the PC(USA). 5) You write, What historians know but Tony doesn’t seem to understand is that […]

In the past, I’ve used this space to challenge advocates of Reformed theology to stand up to other advocates of Reformed theology. More specifically, my worry is that all of the press is going toward a particular version of “Reformed” […]

Earlier this week, I interviewed Bart Ehrman, New Testament scholar at UNC. We talked about his latest book, Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don’t Know about Them). Among the other topics: philosophical hermeneutics, […]

It just turns out that he won’t debate it with me. Last fall, Rod and I agreed, at the behest of our then-editor, Patton Dodd, to hold a friendly “blogalogue” on same sex marriage.  It was in the aftermath of […]

I’d been waiting for Publisher’s Weekly to file a report on the Christian Book Expo of last weekend, and now they have.  Marcia Nelson begins with this ominous lede, Stacks of unsold books and glum publishers stood for three days […]

The Original Sin SeriesIntro–Intuition–Definition–Genesis–Jesus–Paul–Augustine–Calvin-Conclusion When we last heard from our intrepid doctrine, Augustine had taken Paul’s interpretation of Genesis 2-3 in Romans 5 and taken that to mean that Adam’s sin conferred not only death on the entire human race, […]