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I’m at the inaugural Transforming Theology gathering: Rekindling Theological Imagination: Transformative Thought for Progressive Action.  Today we’re talking about the church. 9:16am – Harvey Cox, of Harvard, is giving his 5-minute statement.  He thinks there is an epochal shift coming […]

This week has been a light blogging week.  I even removed a post that I wrote yesterday about this because an emailer told me it was too inflammatory and mean-spirited. But, I’m flying off to SoCal today to participate in […]

Paul asks, Hey does Tony ever post replies to the comments. I’m a long time lurker here at his blog and I notice he doesn’t really reply to criticism of his opinions here. What’s up with that? Cody replies, Paul- […]

Here it is:

FYI, Captcha was disabled for about a week — we were listening to those of you who were frustrated with the Bnet comment interface.  As you might guess, we were inundated by spam comments during this time.  So, now we’re […]

If you haven’t been following along there’s a great comment string under Monday’s post, Is Virtual Community True Community?, then you’re missing out. Particularly interesting, IMHO, are the comments from stay-at-home-moms Julie and Kristi about the great value of virtual […]

Last week at the National Pastors Convention, Shane Hipps sat down with the guys from Out of Ur and talked about community, based on his new book, Flickering Pixels.  (Full disclosure: Shane is one of my very best friends — […]

Andrew Sullivan posted a graf from Alan Jacobs in which Jacobs argues that the “architecture” of blogs makes it impossible to honestly converse about important and weighty matters, like the existence of God.  This question is particularly compelling for this […]

Jason Byassee, late of the Christian Century, is now at the helm of a new online offering from Duke Divinity School: Faith & Leadership: Where Christian Leaders Reflect, Connect, and Learn.  It’s a good looking site, and it should have […]

I had the best of intentions to post a “Mondays with Mark” and a reflection on Original Sin and Romans 5.  But, instead, I spent most of the day in doctors’ offices, at the pharmacy, getting another MRI, and being […]