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Dear Readers, After a year with Beliefnet, I’ve decided to move to my own domain for my blogging.  It’s been a fine year — some things worked, other things didn’t.  But in the end, I’ll be a better blogger on […]

Following up on Christianity21, we at JoPa Productions are developing a series of boot camps for pastors who want to learn about and utilize social media tools like blogging, Twitter, and Facebook.  These are one-day, hands-on learning experiences, currently offered […]

I’ve taken a month hiatus from this blog, primarily for personal reasons.  In fact, I haven’t even read a blog in a month (with a few exceptions, including Zach’s series on gays in the church).  I’ve tried to breathe deeply […]

I’m in the woods of Wisconsin this week, speaking at a church camp for high school students. Plus, I haven’t got much to say. So I’m gonna recharge my blogging batteries and dive back in next week. Hope to see […]

…are profiled in a MinnPost story today.

At JoPa Productions we know how important leader networks and informal blog communities are for those working on new and emerging ways of Christianity. And, we know how important face-to-face meetings are in the development of these communities. So, we […]

If you are reading this in an RSS reader, please click on the post. See what I had to do there? Because if you, like me, read all of your blogs in an RSS reader, then you only see the […]

For some reason, and unbeknowst to me, the “Subscribe” box vanished from this blog a few weeks ago.  I asked the Bnet editors to put it back, which they did. And now I’ve discovered, thanks to some friendly tweeters, that […]

The Dallas Morning News pioneered the Sunday “Religion” section in daily newspapers, launching it in 1994. They were quickly emulated by newspapers around the country, including my hometown newspaper, the StarTribune, which established a more politically-correct sounding “Faith and Values” […]

So, I wrote a couple of posts over the weekend — “Why Jesus Died” and “Why Jesus Rose” — that affirmed a traditional and orthodox understanding of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  But because I don’t afford the […]