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Believe it or not, I do have an opinion on the matter. But you’ll have to read Jason Boyett’s piece on The Daily Beast to find out what it is.

I didn’t see much music while at Cornerstone last week. Occasionally I could hear, or feel, the thumping of a bass while I was giving a talk. Someone told me that there were about 500 bands there, which is an […]

My primary role at Cornerstone was co-presenting a three-part seminar with Phyllis Tickle, long-time friend and author of many books. We did a dog-and-pony show on the emergent/-ing/-ence movement that we’ve done before. IMHO, we work pretty well together, due […]

For the rest of the week, I’m going to look back on my experience of the legendary Cornerstone Festival. What many are going to want to hear are my thoughts on the panel on which I sat which dealt with […]

All I had today at Cstone was the second of a three-part series with Phyllis Tickle.  We had a great and engaged crowd, and it seems that people are intrigued by the emergence of Christianity. For those of you who […]

I’m about to run out the door for Day Two of the Cornerstone Festival, so this will be a quick post. Yesterday was good fun, for sure. Unfortunately, there’s no public wireless on the grounds, so liveblogging is out.  And […]

I’m diving back into the blogosphere after a needed break (ever feel overwhelmed when you open your Google Reader after a few days away and see that Andrew Sullivan has written 343 posts?!?). I’m at the Cornerstone Festival, a legendary […]