The New Christians

From John La Grou:

Volume Two of the Wikiklesia Project has been

Flight: Reclaiming
the Female Half of God’s Image.

Journey of Freedom and Reconciliation

The award winning Wikiklesia Project (
new ground as a crowd sourced,
collaborative ecclesial publishing model. Wiki One presented a “far
reaching exploration of spiritual journey contextualized within a
culture of increasingly immersive technology.”  Wiki Two enlarges the
virtual anthology by exploring the rapidly changing perception of women
in faith leadership and how their participation will shape the future

You are invited, both men and women,
both published and non-published authors and bloggers, to share your
perspective and experiences. Send the editors a 3-5 paragraph proposal
by May
15, 2009. They
will select fifty of the most visionary and thought provoking articles
for a year-long interactive publication at Missional Tribe hub (link)
. Most
of these articles will also be selected for the final hard copy version
of the book.  Sister projects with traditional publishers are also
on the radar.  Finished chapters should be maximum 3000 words and are
due by July 31, 2009. Images, diagrams, photos, poetry, and resources
are welcomed.  A few guest authors have already been confirmed and 100%
of project proceeds will go to Emancipation Network (

The time for
disenfranchisement and
debating women’s “place” has passed.  Wikiklesia Volume Two is dedicated to affirming and
learning about women who, as passionate contributors, use their gifts
as well as serve alongside their brothers –reclaiming a unified image
for the Body of Christ. The Editors are
looking for stories from
thinkers and doers who have dared to imagine
opportunities for women’s voices both within and beyond the traditional
framework of religious institutions and settings.

What wild
adventures and stories of those
“taking flight” are out there? How
will further progress be made? 
can future generations of women be inspired to realize their potential? We need your stories – the courageous
visionaries who are re-examining and re-imagining the roles of women of
faith – to present a fresh, comprehensive view that will inspire women
(and men!) to look expectantly towards a positively transformed 21st century ecclesia.


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