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The greatest gift that God in His bounty made in creation, and the most conformable to His goodness, and that which He prizes the most, was the freedom of will, with which the creatures with intelligence, they all and they […]

Rick is honing in on his finalists.  Hilarious: David Wilcox– white guy folk singer. Cannot do it. Of course, he deals with spirituality in a way that is emerging and is one of the only white earnest folkies I can […]

For the sake of our discussion of Original Sin, commenter Brian has translated Romans 5 [UPDATE: it seems to be Romans 14-15] on our behalf.  Thanks, Brian!  (N.B., mean-spirited comments about his translation will be immediately deleted.  Thoughtful, albeit critical, […]

Brian has a warning for Mark Driscoll and other expanding evangelical ministries: Thanks for this post. This is depressing news. I don’t mean any disrespect to these folks personally. I know they can be very kind, good people in person. […]

So, I’m on a panel with one of the authors of an anti-emergent book at the Christian Book Expo next month, and I emailed his publisher, Moody Publishing, to get a review copy of the book (no, I haven’t read […]

Mark Driscoll watchdog, Bob Hyatt, has some concerns about a possible Mars Hill franchise coming to Portland. Please understand- If you want to listen to Mark’s podcast/watch his vodcast, I think you should go for it- I subscribe to his […]

FYI, Captcha was disabled for about a week — we were listening to those of you who were frustrated with the Bnet comment interface.  As you might guess, we were inundated by spam comments during this time.  So, now we’re […]

If you haven’t been following along there’s a great comment string under Monday’s post, Is Virtual Community True Community?, then you’re missing out. Particularly interesting, IMHO, are the comments from stay-at-home-moms Julie and Kristi about the great value of virtual […]

Under Original Sin: Paul, Romans 5, and the Heart of the Issue, Emergent Pillage brings up a point that has vexed me for some time.  He (I assume EP is a “he”) baldly asserts that if you think that Paul […]

Under Original Sin: Paul, Romans 5, and the Heart of the Issue, Brian provides with a helpful primer to the various views of interpreting Romans: Romans is important to the conversation about the doctrine of “Original Sin” for several reasons. […]