The New Christians
January 1, 1970 Archives

Here’s the next in my occasional series with Mark Patrick, my spiritual director. Tony: Mark, one of the things that you’ve said to me that caused me a great deal of introspection came in the late summer.  I was describing […]

LeRon Shults announces a new book and a discussion on his blog about the book.  The book, Seeking the Identity of Jesus, gathered scholars to write about, well, Jesus’ identity.  Among other things, they agreed on the following nine points: […]

I’m glad to see that my weekend quote of Dante stirred up some commentary.  Here’s one, from Ben, followed by a response from me. (My apologies for Ben’s masculine language.) I’m not sure how to understand Dante’s use of “free […]

The Original Sin SeriesIntro–Intuition–Definition–Genesis–Jesus–Paul–Augustine-Calvin-Conclusion The shadow of Augustine of Hippo looms large over the entire subsequent development of the doctrine of Original Sin.  We’ll get into his authorship of the doctrine qua doctrine in a minute, but first let’s remember […]