The New Christians

In the movie, Milk, there is a poignant scene in which Harvey Milk answers the phone and on the other end of the line is a wheelchair-bound boy who says that his family is abusing him because of his same sex attraction.  Milk tells the boy to get out of the house and fly to San Francisco where he’d be surrounded by people who would accept him.

There’s been a search on for the boy, since he’s not in the book on which the film is based, and he’s not named in Milk’s own journals.

The boy has supposedly made himself known to the Twin Cities alt weekly, the City Pages.  And it turns out that, if Gerard Dols is telling the truth, he is even more involved in the story.  It seems that a phone call from him might have provoked Milk’s boyfriend, Jack, to commit suicide.

Now, however, Dols reports that he no longer lives the homosexual lifestyle:

Anyway, I am the Minnesota boy in the Milk movie. I am the boy
from Richmond. I am now a born-again Christian. I have a strong faith.
I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

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