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The Original Sin SeriesIntro–Intuition–Definition–Genesis–Jesus-Paul-Augustine-Calvin-Conclusion Some commenters are concerned that I’m setting up a straw man — that is, I’m leaving the doctrine of Original Sin undefined so that I can then dispute an unformed doctrine.  So I will defer to […]

Scott M points out some of the most significant intellectual problems with the doctrine of Original Sin: There are many ways in which this peculiarly Western variation of Christian belief distorts the faith. I mentioned one, the fate of infants […]

Several of you have been dropping comments under other posts, asking why this much-pimped series petered out so quickly.  Well, here’s the deal: Rod chose to stop the blogalogue very shortly after it started. Both of us were inundated by […]

“Come Let Us Reason Together” is the governing document of a group attempting to bridge the chasm between evangelicals and political progressives.  I signed on, not because the document is a comprehensive statement of all ways that these two groups […]

The Original Sin SeriesIntro–Intuition–Definition–Genesis–Jesus-Paul-Augustine-Calvin-Conclusion Well, much to the chagrin of my biblicist commenters, I’m not going to start this series of reflections on Original Sin with the Bible, but with my own intuition.  (Don’t read too much into this.  I […]

So many great comments under Original Sin: A Depraved Idea, so I’ll just highlight Virgil’s.  Do yourself a favor and go read the others. There is very little that is “traditional” about the doctrine of original sin, until we get […]

All of the Beliefnet blogs have been dropped from Google Reader because of some silliness with Feedburner.  If you, like me, are a Google Reader user, please resubscribe by clicking on this:

In a move that I bet the Vatican wanted to happen with no media attention, Benedict  XVI un-excommunicated four ultra-conservative bishops over the weekend.  But it turns out that one of the bishops had recently gone on a radio program […]

The Original Sin SeriesIntro–Intuition–Definition–Genesis–Jesus-Paul-Augustine-Calvin-Conclusion When I was growing up in a moderate, centrist church — somewhere between mainline Christianity and evangelicalism — Original Sin was a given.  I first learned about it in youth group, and we regularly talked about […]

Here’s the next installment of an on-going conversation with Mark Patrick, my spiritual director. Tony: Mark, I wonder if you’re willing to tell us a bit about the last ten years of your life.  It seems like it’s been quite […]