The New Christians

Wow.  There was a slew of great comments from which to choose this weekend.  The best comment string, methinks, is under The Orthodoxy of Down Syndrome.  But the top comment goes to Steve D., who commented under Is the Trinity Optional?

I certainly HOPE that one doesn’t have to believe Nicaean
Trinitarianism to be considered Christian. Otherwise, NO ONE could be
considered Christian.

The bottom-line is this: people may say they do, but no one actually believes the Trinity as articulated at Nicaea.

To believe something, one must first think it; if something cannot
exist in the mind, it is incapable of being believed. The Nicaean
Trinity is (in a completely non-colloquial way, but still with the
voice of Vizzini from the Princess Bride) “inconceivable.”

Suppose someone asked you to believe that they knew someone that
knew someone that discovered a “four-sided triangle.” Then after they
saw the dumbfounded look on your face, they asked you to just believe
the mystery.

You can’t believe in the existence of a “four-sided triangle,”
because you can’t conceptualize what it would mean for a triangle, any
triangle, to have four sides.

A human being is not capable of conceptualizing one being as three
persons. You can memorize the words, and even confess them every
Sunday, but you can’t believe them, for you can’t even know what they

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