The New Christians

Bob is not going to be happy, but I’m posting robroy’s response to my Rick Warren vs. Gene Robinson, and I’m doing so because I think, regardless of robroy’s rudeness, it shows a particular perspective on why Gene Robinson (and by extension, the Episcopal Church) may actually be more of a sideshow while Rick Warren (and evangelicalism) may be the main event these days:

It is instructive to compare the two men:

Rick Warren has traveled extensively in Africa, setting up programs
that is making tremendous strides to help out with the AIDS epidemic.
Gene Robinson has traveled the world, be wined and dined, so that he
can whine about what a victim he is. Rick Warren started 28 years ago
with 200 people. His church has 22,000 in attendance on a given Sunday.
Gene Robinson took over a tiny diocese whose Sunday attendance for all
the parishes was a total of 5,174 in 2002. Mr Robinson has managed to
shrink it by 17%(6% drop last year alone). And the denomination is the
fastest declining. Mr Warren affirms scriptural authority. Mr Robinson
apparently crosses his fingers during parts of the recitation of the
Nicene creed. Mr Warren’s church has people from all walks of life and
ethnicities. Mr Robinson’s” inclusive” church is almost uniformly
white, liberal, educated. Rick Warren has been married to his wife for
thirty years. In contrast, Mr Robinson divorced his wife and “married”
his homosexual lover.”

Finally, Mr Warren has been gracious about Mr Robinson’s invitation. Mr. Robinson had a hissy fit.

It seems the only thing Mr Robinson has going for him is his homosexuality.

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