The New Christians

Darren King weighs in on the post, Are Conservatives the Real Gnostics?:

Tony, I agree. And I’ve often thought about this in terms of how we
handle parts of scripture – such as the epistles of Paul. Rather than
seeing Paul as someone who, like us, was trying to make sense of new
revelation blended with old understanding – in a real-time, presentflux
kind of way, many conservative Christians – and even more specifically,
many conservative, charismatic Christians – read Paul as if he offers
some sort of pure, undiluted stream on “the spiritual world”. Now, not
only is the idea of “a spiritual world” hyper-dualistic – thus gnostic,
but so too is the idea that Paul had some kind of magical way of seeing
it all – as if he somehow bypassed the human condition and didn’t read
it all through a particular, contextually localized worldview.

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