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A fine dissent from Mike to my still-debated post, How I Went from There to Here: Same Sex Marriage Blogalogue:

I think the conclusion from this is that you have “caved to the
mushy inclusivity of pluralized nothingness” from the simple basis that
you have provided no theological reasons in support of your stance at
all. The only reference to any content in the bible is found in your

“I’ve always thought that all persons should be afforded the same
rights and no one should be discriminated against. But I also knew that
the biblical prohibitions to homosexual sex should be taken seriously.”

Which shows that your opinion is not a biblically supported
position, at least not as you see it; but, that your sense of everyone
has rights and should be included and not made to feel left out,
somehow over rides the authority of scripture. That your wisdom and
convictions of right and wrong are superior to those of God. Your use
of the phrase ‘fully human persons’ also puts forward the idea that how
Christians act toward GLBTQ people is directly tied to our approval of
their actions. Do I agree with homosexuality…no, but I also do not
see gay people as sub-human people or treat them as inferior or
diseased. Jesus did not treat sinners as sub-human or say that they
don’t deserve human rights, but at the same time he did not condone
their sin, or make allowances in right and wrong to accommodate
opinions and beliefs contrary to God’s truth. Homosexuality is a sin
just as is any other that people struggle with, why should this one be
given special privilege among Christians, that we should embrace it?

You close saying that you now believe that “GLBTQ can live lives in
accord with biblical Christianity (at least as much as any of us can)”
., but you have yet to offer one biblical reference supporting how this
is possible, and so we are left with the conclusion that this decision
has been made completely based on your own desire to make everyone
happy and have everyone fit in as opposed to based on what God teaches
us in the scriptures.

My closing argument as to why this conclusion is false, is not
because the bible says it’s a sin, because as you pointed out we all
struggle with sin and are not perfect, so why should homosexuals be
viewed differently from you or I? The reason is the condition of the
heart, there is a difference between struggling with sin, and actively
taking part in it. If some one is in a homosexual relationship or
marriage, they have said to the world, this is who I am , this is how I
am living, and this is what I think is right. And to God they have
said, I know you think this is wrong and I don’t care, I am doing this
anyway, I am actively rebelling against you, and I am proud of it.

How can some one who is actively rebelling against God in their
daily life be living according to biblical Christianity? How can
someone who has embraced a lifestyle of sin (any sin) recognize their
sin problem and come to Jesus in repentance for their sin while they
hold the view that it is in fact not wrong. And if they do not see the
true nature of their sin, then they also cannot rightly accept Jesus
because they have not actually recognized why they need him.

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